I use distilled water for all of my calatheas. Ctenanthe plants are famous for their striking variegated foliage, and the cultivar Ctenanthe setosa 'Grey Star' is no exception. Calathea enjoy moist soil—but not wet soil. During the warm summer growing season, the soil should remain moist but never waterlogged. How to grow and maintain Ctenanthe setosa Grey Star: Light: It thrives best in bright, indirect light. These plants like moisture, but not excessive amounts, sun is good, but not too much, and extremes of temperatures need to be avoided too. Care requirements are similar to other calathea species, so plant in a fertile, well-drained potting mix kept consistently moist through regular watering. $34.99 + $17.99 shipping . Its white flowers are borne on short spikes. How to Grow and Care for Ctenanthe Setosa Grey Star thespruce.com - Gemma Johnstone. Care Guides. Ingestion of the leaves could result in vomiting and diarrhea. Size + leaf number may vary. When grown indoors, a well-drained potting mix with peat moss mixed through will help to ensure the right combination of drainage and moisture retention. If the air is dry, place your Ctenanthe on a pebble tray filled with water. Providing your Ctenanthe setosa 'Grey Star' gets enough shade, warmth and moisture, these plants are pretty low maintenance and easy to care for. Ctenanthe setosa grey star Plant. Too much water and poor drainage can quickly lead to root rot and leaf fungal issues. Cheers to my baby Calathea Compact Stars! Humidity:High humidity is very important for these plants. Water:Water your plant regularly during the growing season and always keep the soil moist but never allow your plant to sit in water. For this reason, it is best to keep them out of the way of dogs or children that are likely to try to ingest the leaves. This feature is an easy way to identify the plant. 100% Croissance & Floraison En direct des Pays-Bas Commandez en ligne ! The thin look leave stem extend the oval shaped silver leave high above the soil surface. Cleaning away any dust not only gives the leaves a brighter appearance, but it allows them to breathe fully. Temperature: Produk yang … The Silver has elongated, rectangular shaped greyish leaves with a striking striped pattern on the top side of the leaf and a beautiful purple on the underside. Some enthusiasts use rainwater even for their Grey Star houseplants. They have setosa in their name as this refers to the hairy leaf stems that are found on this plant. Be sure the plant is sitting on the pebbles and not in the water. Favoris notre boutique pour les mises à jour!!! Suited to underplanting.Ideal for planting amid denser ground covers.PLANTING : Plant in a shady spot with indirect sunlight. Calathea have a reputation as greenhouse plants, and it's easy to see why. Favorite Add to ... 4" Low Maintenance Exotic Easy Care Vining Trailing Propagating Aroid House Gift Plant NellaPlantella $ 4.99. Be sure to avoid soggy soil. Calathea Majestica "White Star" Pink, Fully Rooted, Actual Plant shone 6 “ pot 1 . Ctenanthe setosa 'Grey Star' is easy to propagate from stem cuttings or offshoots. Every few days, stick a finger in the soil to see if the medium feels dry. Once you get to know what they like, though, the extra effort will be worth in terms of the striking foliage you will get to enjoy. Plant is well grown in an approx. While they are related to Calatheas, they tend to be easier to care for. Will tolerate some degree of shade, however, insufficient light may cause loss of variegation in the leaves. Place where indoors temperatures range between 65°F and 80°F and create high humidity using one of these great methods. Once you move into winter, the top of the soil can be allowed to dry slightly, and the frequency of irrigation should drop considerably. Ctenanthe setosa ‘Grey Star’ with platinum grey leaves Ctenanthe setosa ‘Grey Star’ is more commonly available from nurseries and has a solid grey leaf. $25.99 + $14.99 shipping . The pot your Ctenanthe setosa 'Grey Star' is kept in should have decent drainage holes in it to prevent water from sitting around the plant's roots. This plant belongs to the Marantaceae family. Ctenanthe burle-marxii "Amagris" there also looks close - and there's that "amagris" again, just like the Maranta above. If there is too much light, the colors in the leaves fade. They're highly sensitive to chilly temperatures and grow best when kept in the warm, humid environment greenhouses often provide. Calathea can be rather specific in terms of their care requirements, and Calathea 'White Fusion' is no exception. More information about Calathea 'Compact Star' red-green at Bakker.com. Related to Calathea and Stromanthe, this is another tropical plant that thrives in a warm, moist, and shady environment. The Silver has elongated, rectangular shaped greyish leaves with a striking striped pattern on the top side of the leaf and a beautiful purple on the underside. Ctenanthe Setosa has started growing new plants. As I mist her regularly she is concentrating on growing new plants. We are not responsible for weather, delays, handling or shipping issues. When watering, water the plant moderately and slowly from above, allowing water to soak through to the roots, then tip out any excess water. Propagation:It can be easily propagated by division of rooted offshoots or by cuttings. Ctenanthe setosa Grey Star is a decorative indoor plant that can reach 1-1.5m height. Ctenanthe lubbersiana (syn. Ideal temperatures are somewhere between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. All Ctenanthe species need plenty of humidity to thrive. Picture Information. Pests and Diseases:It has no serious pest and disease problems. During the winter season, reduce watering and you can allow the topsoil to become slightly dry between each watering. This plant doesn't like high salt fertilizers or chlorine in the water. Save 20% each on Qualifying items offered by California Tropicals when you purchase 1 or more. Ctenanthe plants are famous for their striking variegated foliage, and the cultivar Ctenanthe setosa 'Grey Star' is no exception. Too much shade can also result in the variegation that these plants are loved for disappearing. Mist the leaves occasionally and clean them by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. They are grown for their attractive foliage. You will get exact plant pictured. Making sure your Ctenanthe setosa 'Grey Star' gets the right balance in terms of watering is vital for healthy foliage development. After a hard day's work, the houseplant needs a good night's rest. They want to be kept evenly moist and out of direct sunlight. Additionally, the leaves can grow over a foot long. Soil:It grows best in a well-drained, peat based, indoor potting soil. This plant is evergreen and house hold plants for decorative purpose. Never Never Plant 'Grey Star' likes a shady, warm, sheltered position making it a popular choice as a houseplant in around the world. Water when the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry. Elle supporte bien l'humidité mais n'aime pas les températures trop fraîches. The undersides are also beautiful with their distinctive purple shades. As an indoor plant or for understory planting for foliage contrast in a tropical garden. Keep the soil evenly moist to help this beautiful calathea to thrive. Grey Star is tall and slender and it is uniquely different from the rest of the familiar calathea group. They are grown for their attractive foliage. We ship Priority 2-3 day but delivery times are not guaranteed. *The plant picture is a stock photo and represents what we have available. Calathea plants are popular for indoor purposes because they are generally easy to care for and they look great, offering bright green plants to liven up indoor spaces. Planting Man helps you to build beautiful & healthy gardens. Family Name: Marantaceae Calathea Setosa Grey Star-4'' $23.99 + $9.00 shipping . Shipping calculated at checkout. Shipping: We ship M-W. Temperature:It Plant prefers normal temperatures between 60 degrees Fahrenheit – 80 degrees Fahrenheit, avoid temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius / 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, please! It seems to wave and dance with the wind on its Will tolerate some degree of shade, however, insufficient light may cause loss of variegation in the leaves. Regular price $83 Sale price $83 Unit price / per Sold out ... Plant Care Account. How to grow and maintain Ctenanthe setosa Grey Star: How to grow and maintain Ctenanthe setosa Grey Star, Crassula Surprise Party – 100 Most Beautiful Succulent Plant, Crassula Tom Thumb – 100 Attractive Ornamental Plants, Crassula alba var. Ils font tous partie de la famille des Marantacées, et l'on peut trouver des plantes à la vente différemment étiquetées. Some morning or evening sun will be tolerated. In the fall and winter, when the growth slows and stops, feeding can also be halted. Expert in Indoor plants, Outdoor plants, herbal gardens & fruit gardens. This evergreen, clump-forming, herbaceous perennial has large, thick leaves that feature dark green and silvery-gray stripes on the top. Calathea Ctenanthe setosa grey star Plant -2. Temperature minimum is 12 °C. The only pruning this plant needs is removing damaged or dying foliage. The Ctenanthe setosa is an evergreen perennial, native to Central and South America (primarily Brazil) and these species are commonly called Silver Star or Grey Star. Too much direct sunlight can result in the colors on leaves of the Ctenanthe setosa 'Grey Star' fading. Calathea plants need bright, but not direct, sunlight to grow. Do you want more oxygen and cleaner air? One of a kind Calathea with great silvery green foliage. Related to Calathea … Red Prayer Plant, Maranta Red Plant -1. Ctenanthe setosa Common name(s): N/A Synonyme(s): Calathea "Compactstar" Family: Marantaceae Origin: Brasil More infos: Ctenanthe setosa is suitable for bright to light shaded places. The 'Grey Star' can easily reach up to a meter in height if you provide it with the right conditions. Plants with large, lush leaves like the Ctenanthe setosa 'Grey Star' generally benefit from regular feeding with a weak liquid fertilizer during the growing season. Ctenanthe setosa is a survivor Grey Star Calathea. It has striped dark green and silver/ grey leaves are purple on their undersides, elliptic with entire margins, up t0 45cm long and 10cm across.