If you're living in a dry, arid climate or drought-prone areas, our Drought Tolerant Trees are perfect for your landscape! To help your drought-tolerant plants thrive and save even more water, be sure to use a thick layer of mulch to limit weed growth, help the soil retain moisture and add nutrients to the soil over time. Perfect for garden containers and front yards in zone 5 hot areas like California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada or New Mexico. Watering: drought-tolerant once established, water only when required. Name: Lavandula angustifolia. Drought-tolerant plants let you have a colorful, healthy garden even when your area isn't getting the rain it needs. @greygardener - I will definetely come your way for some plant advice.I know that in each planter box I want a lemon and a lime tree - but I'm still trying to think of what else I can put in there. When a plant can tolerate drought, you don't have to give it as much water from an irrigation system, thus saving water and preventing the plant from dying. Planting & Growing Seven fast growing plants for privacy These 7 fast growing plants from Bunnings Warehouse will make you help decide which quick growing tree to plant around your fence line for privacy. The perfect perennials for full sun conditions. While it might be tempting to use gravel around the plants near your driveway, I would recommend sticking to organic materials. A list of drought tolerant plants would include many Australian Native plants, however other countries have a lot to offer us us well. Appearance and characteristics of thyme Thyme is available in many different leaf shapes, colours, sizes and flavours, but it always has the same characteristic savoury flavour, and all varieties are equally easy to grow.It is a hardy, drought-tolerant herb for gardens or pots. It's called 'Blazin' Glory'. Appearance and characteristics of sage Sage is a popular herb as well as a versatile drought-tolerant grey foliage plant. There's even a recent addition to the Dusty Miller family: Senecio cephalophorus. Plant labels will usually indicate whether the plant will cope with dry conditions, but we’ve created a handy list of drought tolerant plants … Whether you're growing in Western areas or are a frequent traveler who can't water your trees and plants weekly, you'll find exactly what you need. There are many different types of sage, but only ever select Salvia officinalis cultivars for your edible garden—not all salvias are the same! Watering: moderately drought-tolerant but needs water during extended dry periods. Discover 13 colorful drought-tolerant plants for your front yard or flowering pots. South Africa, Mexico and many areas if the Mediterranean and Middle East offer us a wealth of plants that cope well in dry conditions. If you’re on a water restriction, are trying to save water or live in a part of the country that doesn’t see much rain, then planting hardy shrubs and drought-tolerant plants could be the solution to a happier garden – and gardener! I'm going to try and save some of the drough tolerant plants that have already been planted in the garden. If, like millions of other Australians, you don't have the best luck when it comes to keeping plants alive, Bunnings' 'Perfect Plant Promise' is a store policy that allows customers to return a dead plant within 12 months of purchasing it, for a refund or replacement. This is a spectacular type which has broader silvery leaves, but in summer it has gorgeous bright red flowers. Portulacas are also drought tolerant plants. #drought #plants #hot #summer #heat Enjoy the blue, lavender, purple, or white flowers in summer, and you can even pick some for drying and using in crafts. Drought tolerant plants will still need an occasional good deep drink and it’s important to water new plants regularly until they’re established. This drought-tolerant plant has it all: Lavender looks beautiful, smells amazing, and it's as tough as nails (except in soggy soil). Drought Tolerant Trees. To help your outdoor space flourish we’ve selected 10 of the best low maintenance plant