Protein powder does go bad eventually however, it may keep for months or years past the expiration date on the bag or tub. Check out these 10 creative ways to use protein powder for some more clever ideas. If the protein powder is well past the expiration date be sure to check for evidence of moisture getting into the powder such as clumps or bad smell. And if that moisture gets to it, clumps will form, and the powder will go bad if there’s enough water. Nutrex Research also offers a brand new Plant Protein product consisting of Yellow Pea Protein, Brown Rice Silk Protein, Pumpkin Seed Protein and Sunflower Seed Protein for an advanced all-natural matrix for vegan friendly users.. Common Myths About Protein Powder. Protein shakes and powders are incredibly sensitive to water and will go off fast when they come in contact with it. When you are searching for new ways to prepare high protein meals, you might wonder whether whey protein is a possible addition to your morning oatmeal. Try mixing protein powder into your oatmeal, coffee, smoothie bowls, or shakes. Chances are, you are probably using whey or casein protein powder. Aside from smelling bad, you’ll notice wet clumps in the powder if any moisture has gotten inside. Yes, most modern day protein powders can now be considered edible. Also, those clumpy clumpy powder, take those away before drinking. Another way to tell if whey protein has gone bad is to look for unusual texture. Whey protein is a popular and convenient snack on the go, particularly for those following a high-protein diet. If the protein powder has an unpleasant smell, then it might have gone bad. The protein powder has gone bad if it contains wet clumps, which can happen when it comes in contact with moisture or growing of mold. No longer does the protein immediately cake at the top of the liquid no matter how much you blend it. As mentioned, hot liquid is what causes the powder to coagulate and clump. Seldom have case of protein powder rosak if it remains in powder form unless you exposed it to moisture. Having experienced the "clumping chunks" issue previously (in 2019, slightly resolved with vigorous shaking), we thought Premier would have corrected their formula by now. So iced coffee is a perfect alternative when you want to mix coffee with protein powder. Protein powder, like pretty much any other powder (e.g., flour), absorbs any moisture that it can. No longer do you have to swallow five clumps of powder and then drink the rest of the milk in the glass. Soy protein powder tastes better. No longer is that "protein" taste quite as strong. It is now year 2020, and we just bought 3 new Premier Protein cases (18-count each) -- of Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel -- and they are disgustingly SLIMY. In which case, throw it away. Protein powder dissolves evenly in iced coffee, making it a great choice. If it contains any clumps (due to moisture getting inside), is discolored in any way or smells/tastes slightly off, you’ll definitely want to get rid of it and purchase a new tub instead. First off, before doing anything, you’ll obviously want to examine the powder firsthand to look for any obvious signs that it’s gone bad. If powder normally should be fine But if after you bancuh with water, if it smells like shiet, then throw away.