The uniform should be worn in accordance with departmental/ professional specifications regarding type colour etc as outlined in Appendix 5. 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The “Free to Lead Free to Care” report, published in June 2008 by a task force appointed by the Welsh Assembly, looked in particular at the need to increase the profile of ward sisters and charge nurses. Nurses at West Wales General Hospital in Carmarthen became the first to wear the country’s national colour-coded uniforms for hospital nursing staff. ‘Employers must do their utmost to support their nursing staff’, 08 April, 2010 h�b```���,�@��(�����$�6�f����}�Nj��O.9��o�.��E3��t'����lc��;�C%Z����i�::�:$:8:2:�|�� �n*�20>��B@, c`eKd����p�ɕI���M�[���r�o���ɮ�����r�OӁ4#��@Z���� �d.��N R�LJe�� ��:\ “These new-style uniforms are a simple yet effective way to help patients identify who is in charge on a ward as soon as they enter our hospitals. Employers should establish local dress codes and policies which give transparent information to their staff. Uniform Policy and Dress Code for Nurses, Midwives & Health Visitors 4. NHS Staff uniform guide in hospitals. Blue is the most familiar nursing colour, with the more senior grades in Navy. Report a problem with this web page Please contact us at and we'll put it right. 671 0 obj <>stream The NHS Uniform Tax Rebate means you get some money back if you are a healthcare worker for the cost ... where the wearing of a prescribed style or colour is obligatory. NOTE: Maroon trim garments are for CSW’s, teal trim garments are for RN’s and plain garments for AHP’s Womens Uniform Style Code Description Trim Colour 6R 8R 10R 12R 14R 16R 18R 20R 22R 24R 26R 28R 30R 32R 34R 36R Tell us what you think. Employers should not be afraid of dress codes. Navy blue for hospital ward sisters/charge nurses and their deputies; Royal blue for clinical nurse specialists. Play Specialists Nursery Nurse: GIG NHS Navy Blue Royal Blue y S b yty Hospital Blue postman Blue Postman Blue Dark Green Aqua Aqua . %PDF-1.5 %���� Newer style nurse's uniform in the United Kingdom consists of either: A tunic-style top and dark blue trousers that are optimally designed to prevent cross-infection, the colour of which depends upon the grade (or, more recently, band) and gender of the nurse – the colour varies between NHS Trusts. White with fine pinstripe I think and light blue piping- Support Worker. 2 x tops and 2 x trousers or 2 x dresses or a combination of both. Whether you would like to place small or bulk orders, we have got you covered. which staff within clinical nursing team should be wearing them. The introduction of the uniform follows a report suggesting patients found it hard to differentiate healthcare assistants from registered nurses, and how to identify who was in charge of the ward. NHS nurses in Scotland are to get new dress code and uniform; Roll out begins for national NHS uniform in Scotland All registered nurses, including lead nurses and sisters, who work in the Emergency Department wear this colour uniform. These colour-coded national uniforms present a readily recognisable professional corporate image, making it easier for patients and the public to identify NHS Scotland staff and their roles. They work closely with the wider clinical team and supervise the non-registered workforce. Socks worn with uniforms are to be plain and of one colour, either black or white matching the colour of footwear specified. Staff nurse. The colour-coded national uniforms are making it easier for patients and the public to identify NHS Scotland staff and their roles. Cornflower Blue uniform The cornflower blue uniform is only for Nurses who are registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) and Dental Nurses who are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). While colors do help distinguish different roles, you need to also consider the implied meaning behind various colors from your employees’ and patients’ perspectives. Nurse Specialist. shirts, jackets), the NHS organisation’s logo should be positioned on the right hand side when face on. Nurse Specialists wear a royal blue tunic or dress with white piping on the sleeves and collar, and navy trousers. “I really don’t have a good reason,” she says. 0 Hex: #425563 RGB: R66, G85, B99 CMYK: 58%C, 32%M, 18%Y, 54%K Pantone: PMS 7545 Make up the majority of any ward/unit team. endstream endobj startxref Plain white with light blue piping- Student Nurses I get mixed up then- there's an orangey colour, a green colour and a burgundy colour whic are housekeeps, domestics etc but I always get mixed up who's who. The uniforms are described as: Navy blue for hospital ward sisters/charge nurses and their deputies; Royal blue for clinical nurse specialists; Hospital blue for staff nurses; Postman blue for staff midwives; Green for healthcare support workers; Aqua green for nursery nurses. You will be issued with 2 sets of uniform i.e. STAFF DRESS CODE & ... • Convey a professional image of the NHS, the Trust and individual staff ... ACCOUNTABLE DIRECTOR Director of Nursing and Quality POLICY AUTHOR Head of Clinical Governance . 651 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[631 41]/Info 630 0 R/Length 95/Prev 137935/Root 632 0 R/Size 672/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream White is generally a student nurse, the pale/sky blue is a staff nurse (qualified Registered Nurse), the navy blue is a sister and the gray may be a nursing assistant (unqualified). Navy Blue- Sisters/Charge Nurses. I am sure the new uniform, along with the other changes to empower ward sisters, will enhance the sense of pride nurses have in their profession.”. Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust Policy Relating to Uniform and Appearance at Work/Dress Code Policy. They wear blue and white striped uniforms with dark blue piping and a dark blue belt. The evidence base has shown that patients want to easily identify nurses. "The colour-coding means patients and colleagues will instantly be able to distinguish between Registered Nurses and Health Care Support workers. Staff Uniforms Guide for Patients and Visitors Navy brigade uniform with emerald piping – Lead Specialist Nurse Navy brigade uniform with purple piping – Lead Clinical Site Manager The lead specialist nurse is an expert in their chosen clinical field. I have been doing a work placement in an NHS hospital and i was just wondering what all the different colour uniforms indicate. 631 0 obj <> endobj Sign in or Register a new account to join the discussion. Why? HMSO (2006) Health Act 2006 Code of Practice HMSO: London Jacob, G (2007) Uniforms and Workwear. GC Jan £318/£350, Feb £221.84/£300, Mar £200.00/£250 Apr £201.05/£200 May £199.61/£200 June £17.25/£200 There are many legitimate health and safety, business and practical reasons in the NHS why dress codes are not just important, but sometimes vital. Title: Microsoft Word - All Wales Nurse Uniform colour codes _2_.doc Author: sh045940 Created Date: They help signpost people to NHS organisations and services, by ensuring that materials are instantly recognisable as originating from the NHS. POLICY STATEMENT 4.1 All nursing staff that have direct patient/client contact will wear a uniform issued by the Health Board and comply with the standards, as outlined in the policy and The All Wales NHS Dress Code (WAG 2010 awaited), at all times whilst on duty. Role: these members of staff now spend more time in clinical areas, particularly on Fridays, caring for patients and helping us to … We want to hear from you on how to improve our service and provide the best care possible. This doesn’t just include our personalised NHS Hoodies & Fleeces. The colours of staff uniform signify their position and/or the section in which they work. Chief Nursing Officer for Wales Rosemary Kennedy said: “The national uniforms will help to remove any confusion over who is in charge, making it easier for people to direct a query and to have confidence in the reply they receive.”, Ward sister Marie Williams, who spoke to Ms Hart about the need to empower ward sisters in Wales during a previous visit to West Wales General Hospital, added: “I’m stunned that an initial conversation between myself and the minister has led to the launch of the new all-Wales uniform. By NT Contributor. %%EOF These registered nurses are responsible and accountable for patient care. If you are getting ready to upgrade the hospital uniforms dress code at your hospital and are ordering new medical scrubs, you may be wondering what specific colors might be best.