Students’ role: to learn and practice grammar rules, to try out new grammar items in spone and written texts Common classroom activities: translation of sentences from one language to another: writing sentences using the new grammar. Translation Method means teaching a target language ( here it … Grammar-Translation Method 2. some UK and Malaysian universities) and the Communicative Language Teaching approach, possibly today’s most popular instructional method worldwide . the grammar translation method one of method that can be increase students’ reading skill. Audio-Lingual Method 4. 1. 1.1. Latin and Greek were taught to promote the intellect and virtually no attempt was made to speak them. The Grammar-Translation Method focuses on the teaching of the foreign language grammar through the presentation of rules together with some exceptions and lists of vocabulary translated into the mother tongue. Method (GTM). The Natural Method 6. Translation from one language to another plays a certain part in language learning. Cognitive-Code Method 5. Grammar-Translation method and find out the impact of this method on acquiring grammatical rules by EFL Jordanian students at governmental schools. in the Grammar-Translation Method, comparison between two languages helps students to have a better … In addition to the four skills in any language, the grammar is an elementary mainstay. This Grammar- Translation Method is also called Classical Method of teaching English.This method has enjoyed a very good reputation among the Indian teachers and the students, still enjoying. In this paper I shall compare two different language teaching methodologies, the Grammar-Translation methodology, still used in quite a lot of institutions worldwide ( e.g. Grammar Translation Method is a very traditional method, and I think in more or less in all medium schools it is mainly used. Grammar Translation Method is a foreign language teaching method that originated in the late 19th and early 20th century. The Grammar-Translation Method (GTM) is not a set learning style which can be taught or instructed and as such the main goals of it are often overlooked. The Grammar-Translation Method (GTM) evolved from the Classical Method that was used from the 15th century in the teaching of Latin and Greek — both long-since dead languages. The writer hopes that this suggestion can give some advantages and … The advantages of the Grammar-Translation Method: In Grammar-Translation Method, the first language is maintained as the reference system in the learning of the second language. The Direct Method 3. This method is usually taught the classical or dead language for example; Latin and Greek. Eclectic Method The basic characteristics of these methods and how they are reflected on grammar teachin g in the language teaching process are important starting points for the study. For centuries, there were few if any theoretical foundations of language learning upon which to base teaching methodology. The main purpose of this method is to enrich their … application of grammar translation method on the students’ understanding in reading comprehension. [1] Suggestopedia is the latest of the six major foreign-language teaching methods known to language teaching experts (the oldest being the grammar translation method.) Translation is considered to be the most important classroom activity. I also use Grammar Translation Method for teaching the students. Communicative Method 7. The Grammar Translation Method A historical sketch of the last hundred years of language teaching really must be set in the context of a prevailing, customary language teaching "tradition." The name of Suggestopedia is from the words “suggestion” and “pedagogy.” Recent developments Suggestopedia is one of the few methodologies working with relaxation.